CREATING BUZZ PR – Publicity That Delivers Results

We are a top PR firm that excels in branding and publicity with guaranteed results. For many years, Creating Buzz PR has built powerhouse brands by creating the compelling and newsworthy stories that solidify a brand in the target market. We’ve crafted thousands of tailored campaigns for companies that are shaking up industries from retail to hotels to health & wellness, and everything in between. Our clients are creating products, services, and experiences that are changing the world and how we live in it, and they rely on us to tell their stories in a way designed to maximize impact. It’s a job we don’t take lightly.

We believe in the story. Our specialty is transforming complex topics into simple, effective narratives that engage viewers by instilling a sense of genuine connection. Every PR campaign our team takes on is built from scratch and aligned to fit clients’ unique brands, audiences, and objectives. We believe that when part of a larger communications campaign, the works of Creating Buzz PR can be truly transformative.



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